Shattered Horizon


Space shooter with zero g action is gonna come out next month. Looks very funk, but dunno many details myself.


Have to keep an eye out for it, didn’t even know it was being made.


What a second, futuremark make games? Haha, it will probably be a real bitch to run smoothly, lol. Might become a better game bench than crysis.

edit: just finished watching the video, looks pretty cool tbh.


lol yeh, futuremark’s first proper game. Also first game I’ve seen that is vista/w7 only. Can’t believe my cpu is min spec! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Thanks the gods for OC’ing :happy:


haha, trust futuremark to ramp up the requirements. The game actually uses the vantage engine, lol.

You mustn’t of ever seen the PC release of Halo 2 then, it was Vista ONLY but that is the only game I have seen like that.

LOL at minimum spec, I dare say they are being a bit optimistic but time will tell, they may just be being honest for once. After all min spec for crysis was well bellow any requirement needed to play the game decently. All hail the ability to push our CPU’s beyond specification for no extra cost (other than the coolers and massive increase in power consumption, lol!)


Looks interesting/cool good to see a game that might stress the pc…:shades:


Just ordered on steam post some pics/thoughts on the 5th…


nice one :smiley:


ordered this and killing floor 2day


Got the game and installed and all is good…First spec wise got everything on max and getting bout 45 frames…
As far as gameplay goes reminds me of the decent game(upside down inside out)…bit freaky at first but works well…Only 1 weapon with 3 different grenades…(ice/blast/emp)…with two game modes/maps only…
Plenty of servers with good ping to chose from and atm plenty of people playing…just a very fun good looking game…
I’ll get some screenie’s l8r if possible print scr didn’t work for some reason and not on xfire yet…


Nice mac, looks good imo, something different.


Yeah really liking it nipper…Updated info there is more then 2 maps…lol…


might have to grab meself a copy!


Pics don’t do it justice, gonna add steam to other comp and install it for young fella so i can OWN him…lol…Nar good game guys worth a look ima.:yes:


It looks schmick.


graphics look sweet


Chum and your’s truly have bought it :shades:


Sweet add me to your steam friends… (OEmAc)


A number of us now have this (mac, carbz, blade, chum), and to all those still sitting on the sidelines, I can heartily recommend giving it a whirl!

Currently only 4 maps, but here’s hoping for more. Even so, for $20 it’s still great value for money.

Aside from the PC rape (check out link in first post, I wouldn’t really wanna run on min spec) I’ve got no probs with this game at all. PC rape isn’t really a prob either, since even with a mix of med and low setttings it looks absolutely fantastic.

Fighting is relatively fast paced but the battlespace gives you plenty of room to move around. The single gun and 3 nade choices (none which do actual damage) are not a draw back in my opinion, as for me it’s more being able to place yourself well within 3D rather than who has the more powerful weapon.

Only played for a couple of hours so far but I can see myself spending a lotta time with it. Space Marines ftw!!!


Does this game have a SP campaign, or only MP? In any case, I think I will have to give it a go, floating around space is too appealing.