Shattered Horizon


Mp only nipper no story etc just shooting dudes in space suits…:wink2:


gameplay nip nip if u wanna see how its played


More info and rather beautiful screenies.

And Nip Nip, maybe the first game to use your HT on?

“For example rendering, physics simulation, audio, network handling and game logic are all executed in separate threads. Some other minor tasks are parallelized as well. Currently we have limited multicore scaling up to 16 cores.”


Lastly ppl can try to win themselves a free copy if they’d prefer to keep $20!


LOL! Well if vantage supports HT (which it does), than using it in this game would make sense. Not going to happen though, I broke though the 4.0GHz barrier and I don’t wanna go back.


I’m praying there’s still some aussies playing this game. Even tho it was small this is still one of my favourite FPS in recent time, and now it’s got 8 new weps! Considering it initially had 1, that makes for epic WIN!

Watch the vid for awesomesauce :yahoo:

edit: furthermore, there were 4 new maps i haven’t played on!


Looks awesome :wink2:


Got my first taste of it. The verdict - MORE PEOPLE SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME!

What can i say, I’m a Space Marine trapped in a BC2 marine body :sweat:. The additional maps with the new weapon set and layout make it feel really polished, it’s sad more ppl aren’t in o the action. The patch has at least given it a little life, so there’s generally 1 server with a decent number in it.

If you guys don’t have it, it’s $15 for now, bloody amazing value!

“We believe that charging for multiplayer content is the wrong way to treat players who have already invested hundreds of hours into a game’s community. Not only is our DLC free, but for the next week we have decided to sell the complete Shattered Horizon game for just $14.99, the same price as MW2’s map pack alone.”


I’m with ya john just need to drag myself away from bc2 and i’ll come for a game…


ill grab it tonight and have a go


Very tempted to play this game, but I’m only going to start buying dedicated mp games when I can play them reliably.


Thats awesome fun.

played on evga server with a 280 ping and didnt suffer much at all imo… pretty much full server for a couple of maps … takes a bit to get used to the movement and such … but at least i was getting a kdr of 1 or more … thought i was gonna get owned hard when i first stated lol.


You’re right Az. We had a crack on one the other night. Ping around 400 and gave us no dramas at all. Freakin WOOT! 20+ man servers away!


Keep your gorramn tentacles away from my my space marines damn spambot!


Still the best FPS in recent memory for me. The new maps and addition of new weapons and gear made is fantastic. Sadly by this point most had left and last time I fired up I couldn’t even spot an international server rocking enough ppl to make it interesting.

Definitely will be firing up again tho to see if this breathes some life into it!

Futuremark Games Studio announces “Last Stand” a free DLC update for Shattered Horizon to add a single-player component to their zero-gravity first-person shooter. [ame=“”]This trailer[/ame] shows off what to expect, and here’s word: “With the Last Stand update all game modes can now be played in single player with and against bots. The update also adds the new Last Stand game mode which pits a team of four against waves of increasingly difficult bot enemies. The Last Stand game mode can be played offline with bots or in online co-op with friends.” It’s not clear if the DLC is available yet, but the game is on sale [URL=“”]on Steam at a 50% discount. Shattered Horizon requires a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card and Windows Vista or Windows 7.