Moh mp beta


I posted this in the spam thread but just in case anyone missed it and want to play it, this is how to do it without having to preorder the game.

Because most of us have legit copies of BC2, you can play from now, others have to wait until the 21st of June.

I gave it a quick go today, it’s got nothing on BC2, but it’s a nice change of pace as it is more COD4 like. It’s free, what else do you want, haha.


:blink: no more keys u can download the cleint from GA though u’ll need a key to use it

u can also try this


Ah bugger.

I did say yesterday that if anyone wanted one, that they had better move quickly. I must of been one of the last ones to get a key then.


well i can install the game fine, though i would imagine u need a login thing

got it installed, its like BC2 where u need to log in to do anything ><


Yep, I should of made a separate post for this yesterday, then you would of received a key.

It’s just like BC2 in the menu, you have to log in before you can do anything.


I looked at it yesty rather soon after you posted yesty nip with no luck :(. Think it got shut down damn quick.


That confirms that I really must of been close to the end then, I posted the link as soon as I tried it.


It works rather well considering you have to join a US or German server (Aus servers are always empty) But remember its EA… the Beta is good, but as they patch the game it will only get worse




Being watching some youtube multiplay vids etc and it looks good imo and I didn’t see any medics:laugh: so when Mr tax man sends me my 3.2k return i’m gonna pre-order it…:wink2:


It’s not bad from what I’ve played. The best way I can explain it is that it is the EA version of CoD. The Beta was really buggy, but that’s nothing new considering how buggy BC2 was when it came out.


EA will be running a second MOH Beta on the PC, This time around it will be a 3-4 day open beta that runs from October 4th-7th.

  • 2 new maps will be featured, Shahikot mountains and Kunar Base.

More Info here

While not a “beta” in the true sense … at least they are thinking this time round. Might actually release a game and have the mp servers handle it … rather than like bc2 did on release.


Download it now! Unlocks on Monday:

#14 Quick download…


or telstra fags like me to save cap


anyone know what times for Australia its released and pulled down.?


4am est tuesday i think, though nsw just entered daylight savings today, so 5am EDST


so with no wars on Tuesday Ill guess ill see you all in TS for a bit of MOH




im all set ready to go :D, looks good