PC Co-op Shooters


So, my brother & I are searching for any recent/decent FPS games that you can play campaign co-op (or something similar like MW2) for when we do a bit of lanning. So far, we’ve completed all of CoD - World at War, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising & Modern Warfare 2 (although it’s not really campaign co-op) at least 3 times each, and we’re kinda getting bored of them :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone had any suggestions, would be much appreciated!

If you can’t think of anything FPS, I guess any co-op suggestions would be super (not including RPG/fantasy type games)


army of two


Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor and Borderlands come to mind. The later splinter cell games had very cool co-op stuff on the xbox, dunno if that got ported over to the PC versions.


army of 2 is awesome. Ive finished it a few times on x360.


Xbox games aren’t much good tbh, chasing PC only :wink2:

With Killing Floor, L4D & Borderlands, I assume we’d both need a copy John? (they’re all through steam aren’t they?)

Should be able to get them cheap enough from ebay though I guess.


I’d suggest L4D. There is L4D2 but I just think they made the zombies overpowered as all hell.
I liked the simpler 4v4 of Hunter, Smoker, Boomer… and Tank :stuck_out_tongue:


Halo, fable/fable 2, and Oblivion are the only games I play on 360. :stuck_out_tongue:

With Killing Floor, L4D & Borderlands, I assume we’d both need a copy John? (they’re all through steam aren’t they?)

I know L4D you both need a copy, and you can buy it cheaply through Steam, you won’t have much luck finding online servers with people in them though…


Won’t be buying through steam (hate steam, and don’t have a bandwidth that allows us to download games), ebay is all the rage. Not particularly worried about online servers seeing as A) my net is crap b) my net is crap c) my net is crap d) only reason we want them is to play co-op on the occasions when we lan.


Fair enough points haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I played Boarderlands at Rav’s place once, seems pretty fun. It does however have a strong RPG element to it, in regards to the inventory system, upgrades, leveling etc… I think it adds to the game though, for the most part it is a FPS where you just run around shooting things, very fun.

I think it also scales the difficulty based on how many people are playing the game, which is a neat idea.

Haha, all of those games (except fable 2 which will come out on PC sooner or later) are on PC. Ok so they were on XBOX first, I’m just saying…


Oh yeh, Halo 1 and 2 are PC, tho very dated now. Still, assuming I ain’t busy Chum and myself are plannin on a Halo 1-3 marathon come the long weekend. Coop halo is bloody brilliant fun :yahoo:. If you don’t mind somewhat dated graphics Halo 2 might be worth a look (I’m fairly certain PC still had coop, halo 1 didn’t tho).


isnt army of 2 on pc too?


have you been playing COD-WAW in nazi zombies.
1.7 lan fix is on gamecopy world, so you’ve got 4 different maps to choose from.


Been there done that


Hahaha, yeah true but I do love my 360, I must use it for something other than movies! :stuck_out_tongue:
And I like to kick back at 360 LAN’s and just play the crap out of Halo3 and stuff :slight_smile:

I actually went to a private school about 3 years ago and in I.T class and health etc (all the boring classes, I.T wasn’t boring, but we knew more than the teacher) we always played Halo on our old laptops, back in the day of 1.6gHz dual core, and could barely run Halo on them xD


Wiki says no.

Soo, Borderlands & L4D look the best bets so far. No other ideas? Has anyone played any of the other WW2 shooters like Brothers in Arms or Medal of Honour? Had a squiz at their websites etc. and couldn’t find anything useful…


Not really, coop has only recently seemed to have come across to PC. As I said before, only other things I can think of would be Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory or Conviction for their coop.


Hmmm k,

How hard/big are borderlands/L4D? Take more than 1 night to do it? WAW is kinda too easy with 2 people even on the hardest setting, started at 8, finished at 2.


how bout doom2 patty it had co-op and was legendary


Bit old :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for recentish games