GOTY 2010 Poll Edition


cbf editting macs thread but heres a poll edition of OEs GOTY

All the other titles are seriously awesome, but ME2 i felt it was my GOTY and it was only Feb when it came out, thats how bloody good it is and if you havn’t played ME1 or 2 then gtfo your asses and play them


tbh i thought 2010 was a pretty bad year for gaming…
rpg’s are becoming, in my opinion, too mainstream and dumbed down as in “oh noes!1 this just happened, what are you going to do? be good/be bad” which can in some ways be enjoyable, but the older rpg’s are more to my liking.

Blops has only a couple of good maps and considering i probably spent hundreds of hours on each individual popular cod4 map, i cant see myself spending that much time on these maps.

BC2 is a good game no doubt though some of the finer points of the games fundamental mechanics frusterate me.

Civ5 failed to meet my expectations as the devs failed to realise the potential of the mechanics they have employed, though it remains a good game.

Stalker call of pripyat gets points on my list as it really managed to suck me into the atmosphere, despite not even being an rpg.

I ended up voting starcraft 2, simply for the high skill ceiling relative to its floor, its ability to be a spectator sport and the obvious amount of work gone into making the game

…so in light of that optimism, merry christmas and happy new year all


Bc2 the rest where fkn shit and bc2 will continue into 2011 so it’s basically the best game in the universe. Luved stalker also…peace out bitches


Bc2 and blips. I just wish they could merge the best of both. Will we see bf3 in 2011. Will this be the answer we are all looking for. Dunno. But Vietnam is the whiz.


For the first time EVER, I’ve considered upgrading my PC as a waste of money. 2010 is easily the worst year of gaming I’ve ever had, the titles (bar a few) just lacked any punch or longevity for me. As such, I’ll probably keep hauling the 260s for another 6 - 12 months.

The only games that I’ve played this year consistently/start to finish were AC2 (2009 game), ME2 and F1 2010.

ME2 takes the cake for me, had a few issues with it (mostly the way they limited you from exploring the citadel like you could in the first game) but other than that, it was near flawless. Getting rid of the inventory system was the best decision they ever made, the visuals were top notch as usual, and I managed to sink about 40 hours into the campaign with each one of those hours being enjoyable.

F1 2010 also scored highly for me. It’s not a breakthrough in realism but it looks stunning and the campaign mode is about as exciting as any racing game could ever strive to be. The only let down is after winning the Driver’s Championship, there is no celebration cut scene, no trophy, nothing. Very poor form considering the length the developers have gone to in order to immerse you in the world of an F1 driver.