Farcry 3


So i been playing this game. I really like it, I’ve never played any of the other Farcry games but this one is fun and challenging. I’ve gotten many laughs and still getting more. The map is Ginormous and the game makes you feel like a badass. It’s characters are all well made from the whores to the drunks and all the inbetween, the banter from the pirates makes you laugh your ass off and Jappo’s fav saying is from one of the whores :slight_smile:

Anyways i thought i’d post a SS from one of the funny moments i’ve had in the game.

Note: you cannot drag bodies around in this game so these guys died and landed like this


(Attachment refuses to work for me)


Yeah, i absolutelty loved the 1st one, played it through many times.

The second for me was a disaster, i dont think i made it halfway and lost interest.

So im hoping this one is like the first


Just started playing and its good heaps better then far cry 2 which was utter puss so its worth a look…