Dragon Age


Is this an online game or stand alone or both?


It’s not an online game, just a RPG. Very good too, I never finished it (DA: Origins) but it kept me going for 30 - 40 hours and I usually hate that style of game. I really need to go back to it.


there are a few mods for it too… prolonging the game.

as far as rpgs go its pretty damn good… not one of the best, but very good.

Number 2 will be worth getting too when it arrives


This game is just an RPG, very good very good game play, story line, art and variety to wepeons, armor and styles of combat.
The game has plenty of bosses and endless amounts of mid game events, plenty of gore (YES:yahoo:) and a pretty good selection of of companions (which you can tell them to fuck off or not at anytime of the game)(also you can bed them too depending how your friendship is with them), through out the entire game you can be the nicest nice guy or that prick who spares noone and kills you for just been locked in a cell for nothing(ME!!!), the variety of endings are almost endless and heavy brain teasing.

In all the game took me almost 55hrs to complete taking shortcuts,
doing it without missing anything I’m up to 133hrs and still not done.

Cons:the further you get into the game the longer the loading screen wait.

Hope that helps you out Chilli:wacko:


probably my favourite rpg, got a spare 40 hours, give it a go