Buz Hax Time!


The title may have had you wondering wtf i was smokin.

Whilst perusing my xfire to see if i still had some old cod mates on there and if they’re still gamin i swung by OE to see if i ned to get off my ass and update it… low and behold i spy the Great Buzuki has managed to squeeze over a million hrs of LoL into the week.

Nice work mate… so your getting pretty good at laning solo by now i take it ? :laugh:



Buz, I think you may have a gaming addiction.


Buzuki I expect a report on my desk by the end of the week explaining why you think its ok to break the laws of time to fit 136 years of gaming into 7 days. And no breaking the laws again to write it either!


lol yup, alot of people’s xfires have been showing that glitch since they migrated the servers - I think it happened if you happened to be playing a game at the time of the server switch, and so whatever game you were playing glitches out to show over 1 million hours ahaha


He should be rewarded by the game produces for playing that much :yes:


= 125 years

May be a glitch. maybe.


lol … you nerds actually had to work out how many yrs that was :laugh:


its a nice number

wonder how they got that number, obviously even if the game was idle it doesnt hit that number.

Stupid Xfire.


its a glitch yeah, when xfire had a spaz last week, whatever game you were playing at the time got the hours messed up. I got a friend with 1.2 million hours of navyfield


oh is it a glitch … i thought it was true … the web never lies!


lol, oh so it’s not true…


win! :yahoo:


LMAO, freakin dedicated :laugh:


lol its still like it, i expected it to be fixed by now haha