Brink: The Future of FPS?


While some of you might be aware, others might not have heard of the 2010 upcoming FPS designed by Splash Damage in co-operation with Bethesda. If you have played Borderlands this game appears like a more realized version of its ‘cartographic’ art style.

This up-coming tittle boasts a few particularly delectable features. The first is a persistent avatar character, the second an unprecedented amount of customization and the third a free-running system known as S.M.A.R.T (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain)

The story might not be something to hold your breath over but if Bethesda has their hand in it then chances are it will. So for those of you who already knew about it, hoo-rah, but for those that don’t; get informed ASAP!

See the official website bellow for clips on the SMART system and customization as well as a little early-in game footage.

So any thoughts/opinions you wish to discuss about Brink?


zomg bethesda. hmm yeah does look a lot like borderlands though


Looks epic, never played borderlands.





looks friggen awesome


It’s got a lot of potential but only time will tell if it will live up to its high-end ideas. Oh and Iinsom it is a PC tittle that is being transferred to Xbox360/PS3 but still being primarily designed for PC. So its not just console :smiley:


Smells of console-port


looks like borderlands rooted team fortress and spawned Brink.

Like anything, the vids look cool but the game play not as good. Looks like fun and whilst its $20 cheaper on PC I think ill get this so the kids can creat customer characters and tear it up in co-op modes on the ps3


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