BFBC2 Screenshots


Im starting to like this shotgun considering the USAS-12 is supposedly one of the worst shotguns in BC2


nice score mate o.O


yer well the accuracy wasnt my focus OK!



Nice… No.1… The medic guns are always that low in accuracy

Now try to get 4 Combat Excellence Pins in a round


Nearly done it. Missing the ‘all weapons bronze, all bronze, distinguished retaliation combat & squad teamwork ops’

impossible to get the first 2 atm
never going to be able to get 4 more payback pins
& need 6 more sqaud defend orders

Nearly got all gold weapon stars


crikey, what do you do in your spare time


im sure i remember : “dodgy net connection yadda yadda so im retiring”

and youve managed a measly 7+ days of play time :blink:


Yea i know, no life


That’s terrible Slzratchy!! Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:
Go out and meet a woman… or 4!
Sounds like you need a bit of human contact rofl!!



takes me back to very early bf2 days when people like Brett and Mocha, ex OE were badge hunting. I dont have the patience for it personally, nor the skill to get so many kills with some of those piss weak weapons


i know 1 is hard to handle, and you want me to meet 4? …DaMn

yea some weapons are completely useless… G3, M14 MOD ENHANCED & VSS SPECIAL
My fav weapons would have to be… UZI, M1 & 9A-91 AVTOMAT

im being positive, atleast i havnt played for a total of 20+ days like the guys on top of the leaderboards


Yes 4 girls. :wink: One after another, or all at once. Your choice. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah I guess your right, 20+ days is just utterly ridonculous. ^.^


got a bit pissed off with the lame tms’ on whitepass … tubing and a knifin we went heh


looks like your team lost, if that the case well done… amazing score and kdr

It funny because you almost doubled the amount of kills made by the person who had the 2nd most kills :laugh: id love to get that many kills every game, most ive ever had was 44… though it was 44-1 :yes:


yer but thats what you always do. What gets me is you rush like a MOFO. I just dont get it. I rush and dont even get a chance to shoot sometimes because i get shot in the back, you tend to avoid that scenario and I just dont know how…

perhaps in order for squad/individual development you should really breakdown your strategy and what you do, or even better, record a few minutes mate of some sort of vid.

Seriously, i think seeing our better players style and tactics on video will help everyone…or just me. :rolleyes2:


We actually won that round Scratchy :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL Chilli. Definitely a degree of luck to not get kaned when rushing. But i spose it really comes down to knowing where you are and your cover is … and your good kill spots. I spend as much time looking at the mini map as i do the full view … the moment you see a red dot … you get a good idea of where they are as most tend to hide in the same sort of spots.

Conquest is especially important to be watching the hud … as you can second guess most of their movements by which way they are pushing on the map as opposed to where you are. If that fails … then sneak up on some poor bastard, and as his mates spawn on him… just knife the fuck out of em all … even with a broken knife the mayhem caused can give you 4-5 dogtags lol


yer i have found some very cool spots recently but i can die more times just by spawning than you do in an entire round rushing…

the worst part is, your no spring chicken…lol…probably dont play with too many beers and a little stoned like i try and do though…come to think of it, i always have pretty good rounds druing the day when I am not affected by anything…lol



yeah dont really play much when ive tipped a few extras down … sadly … thats when i think its sig making time …


i play stoned everyday lol D:

Ive been considering making a video lately, but it slows my fps down too much D:


yeah dont really play much when ive tipped a few extras down … sadly … thats when i think its sig making time …

lmao, same.