BFBC2 Screenshots


Lets get some Bad Company 2 sceenshots happening, scores and etc


nothin special but gettin the thread kicking.

freakin sweet textures :shades:

Annnnnd what happens when you drive a truck into a wall


lo…epic fail


Looks awesome, can’t wait to give it a go.


Yer cop this. When you knife people you get there DOG tags

Her are mine…i got someone twice :yes::yahoo::tongue2:


picking on a bloke that lags up everytime theres any action lol …

cant wait till monday … im gonna get 1/2 dozen tags from you lol


WTF, you were on level 5 and i was on 4, seems you can play fine with lag…lol


First game 11-0, though i was sniper and in tank most of the time


here we go again, tying to protect a 5/o kd ratio.

Good news for you is I think there is a real n eed for a sniper of two in matches (Ladder)


fuck the kd ratio … rush like a madman = 1000 kills lol


lol have u played anything but assault az?


nah not really lol … also found the places to get up to the top of the hilltops in all stages … quite nifty a couple of em ( ill SS em and show the path up soon)


Does anyone know what the GamerTag number and the Skill Level represent? … Im going to assume the gamertag is some sort of ranking system but i have no clue on the other one


Im liking the pins and awards with this game


gamertag might be overall ranking on the leader board … skill lelvel … prolly things like accuracy, objectives and your efficiency to do so.

37 hrs already lol… got a bit of free time eh lol


Well my accuracy isnt that great so im sure it has nothing to do witt that, and yea ive been incredibly bored this last week… lets hope i dont get into the habit


I went a little stab happy


lol, nice


i got a few ss to put up (wb me XD)