Game is out :

First level on PC :


On the same day that Activision releases its latest title in the Wolfenstein franchise, GamesIndustry.biz can confirm that a number of the team responsible for the multiplayer portion of the game have been laid off.
UK based Endrant Studios had been co-developing Wolfenstein with Raven Software, and it was the first title by the team [COLOR=#b70000]since forming[/COLOR] in July 2008.
“We have recently completed a development cycle and have regrettably been forced to make adjustments to staff and headcounts,” said a spokesperson for the studio.
“Those affected are valued members of our team who have worked incredibly hard on our latest title. We hope that they land on their feet quickly.”
The spokesperson could not specify the exact number of redundancies at the 17-man team due to ongoing efforts to secure other work.
Wolfenstein for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is released today in North America, and on Friday in Europe.


Patch 1.1 is out aswell.

Looks like the continual dev might be an issue … but i will certainly be playing it … <3 wolf series


2:10 is awesome :stuck_out_tongue: looks very nice might have to “get” it soon :rolleyes2:


place link to working torrent here


Looks good might be worth buying. Chilli love to give you a link but I use damage torrent and you need to be a member sry m8…razor1911 and avenged version’s both work from reading the comments.



you can try that one … dunno if its a good/workin version … or part with the hard earned :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats damage torrent, how do you become a member and what are the advantages of having membership?


looks sweet


Hey chilli damage torrent is a private torrent site, you get awesome download speeds but you have to keep a good ratio or you get kicked…
Major advantages are quick downloads and torrents are 99% working etc.


This site should have spots available:
[LEFT]Hasn’t got heaps but should get good speeds, as with all private sites you have to upload 1:1 ratio which can be hard.As most torrents are on all site’s e.g games from reloaded/avenged/razor, you can download the torrent file (only)from toxic and seed old file’s you already have to get your ratio up etc…
Hope this make sense if not can chat on ts.[/LEFT]


Played the first mission.

Prolly the initial thing that stands out is the running and movement. Swaying as you walk/run/crawl … not used to it but still like the idea … rather than cod where you can sprint in a straight line and see like you were walking.

Carnage : lots of it in this game… bit of dismembering goin on nice and early makes for a good game :shades:

Will happily delve into a few more chapters to immerse myself back into Wolf … cant wait :wink:


Not a bad game so far, swaying when running etc is wierd worth a look imo.