Red Orchestra 2 : HoS


Shouldnt need to go into the game much, as its been coming for a fairly long time and a few of us have talked about it a bit.

We have a release date !!!

Red Orchestra 2 release date is now announced!

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad – coming to you via Steam and other digital distribution sites, plus stores across the world, 30th August 2011. MSRP $39.99 for the USA, with prices for other territories set to appropriate pricing for those territories.


I will most certainly be buying this!!!

Incase you’ve been living under a rock:

Also, I had been meaning to post this since i read it a few days ago, but here it is anyway :

For those not already aware, we are also very excited to announce the selection of PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat software and PBBans streaming ban support for the game, in addition to using Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC). “With the selection of PunkBuster and PBBans in addition to VAC we’re taking a three pronged approach to cheat protection for Red Orchestra 2,” said John Gibson, Tripwire Interactive President. “We hope this sends a strong message to gamers that we take cheating very seriously and are tackling it head on BEFORE the game ships.”

As long as there isnt horrid hand-shaking issues i cant wait to see this in action. 2 pronged attack on wanker hackers is win imo.


The embargo is lifted. Here is some footage from outside the devs :



MP footage : beware its only cam image, not screen :slight_smile:


every fukin video on the net has an ad before it these days!:mad2:

The player modeling looks shit. Some of the rendering looks ok but over all it looks like a game build in 2008 and only just released.

I paid for Breach and that was absolute crap…I got a feeling this will be very much the same.


doubt that


This wont be top tier graphics … was never touted to be. Its a small dev group that were originally a free mod group doing it… this time with some $$ backing.

What the game offers is great realism gameplay and server control etc.

I love playing games with visual candy abound, but am missing the great gameplay that came with the older games : cod/dod/aa/bf2(even though i played little)

  • its pc only i believe so go get it on release date…


I for one, don’t mind the graphics. Im going to be buying this. I just hope that there is enough people playing the multiplayer in AUS.


Id be surprised if there was mate. Thats probably the biggest deterent.

Have you only really made 143 posts Blade???


lol yeh, i lurk too much and don’t reply.


it’ll be on steam, it’ll be like $50, it’ll be the top seller for a bit there will be servers


Old vid that was pre-rendered before lockdown for gameplay and what not but a nice vid of a mod :slight_smile: