-OE vs RtD> Friendly


Hey guys,

If you’re still keen, we should be free again next Monday for the usual friendly. However, I wanted to see if you guys usually had people about on a Friday night? Sorry for the late notice and strange time, but we’ve got another CG match on Sunday and need to prac Damavand Peak. We haven’t played it for quite some time so wanted to see if you guys might be keen. I’m not even 100% if we’ll have numbers yet, but I’m confident we should at least get eight or so about.




Im keen. If we can make it around 8.30QLD time. Got to put the clan to bed first


i’ll be on will have to wait and see if we get numbers…:wink2:


if patched ill be there :smiley:


Scheduled for Monday. Dont think we can get numbers tonight.



Sounds good mate. We have it booked in.


G’day guys. We’re all good for Monday, so hopefully all goes smoothly.

We were wondering if you guys would be interested in doing two maps? No worries if not, but we’re in the process of working out how finals run in CG and it looks like any map could be offered by the enemy and we won’t know ahead of time. Therefore we really need to practice Noshahar and Grand Bazaar as we haven’t played them in some time.

That said, if you want to do something different then that is no worries either, but I thought I would check in.


Sounds good to me.