NFS: World


This is the MMO NFS.

Its in beta i believe, but its free to play so worth a look.

Ive just had 2 quick races and i think it will but a lot of fun with a few mates in there tearin it up.

Download the exe from there and install ( it was 700mb odd for me … looks like it updates as LoL does etc)

I’ll take some Screenies later on when i jump in there


If it’s better than TDU, I think I will be giving this a go. For that matter TDU2 beta is out too.

TDU was awesome fun when it wasn’t being a buggy piece of crap. Heaps of cars ranging from American muscle, Supercars, Jap crap to Euro trash. If this NFS game can capture that same sense of freedom with the cars, I’ll be looking forward to it for sure.


its pretty much based on nfs most wanted. i played for 2 nights then uninstalled.