NFS : The Run


While im over the NFS series, would be interesting to see how this goes actually. It will be using the Frostbite 2 engine… might add another dimension to the game perhaps.



Yeh I’m the same boat Az, but I’m curious about the use of Frostbite, didn’t know that. In any case I’m well behind on my driving games, so no more for me til I catch up :sweat:. NFS:Shift was shaping up to be great fun (grid style) but I got distracted. Similar fates for F1:2010 and Dirt 2.


NFS games offer some of the best arcade style game play for racing…shitty teaser though, really didnt give much indication of the quality but knowing how capable the frostbite 2 engine is one can only assume the graphics will be top notch


I’ll also display interest in this. Always fun to play these types of racers.


as long as theres a noob tube i’m in


i’ll wait til gameplay etc…