MoH Warfighter Megathread


Seems the best price for Warfighter is $69 at Dick Smith. Origin has it for $89 (what a rip), JB has it for $79, EB $88, and Gametraders $79.

If the game is any good, I’ll probably pitch in for a server for at least a month. If anyone wants to donate to the OE warchest it would be greatly appreciated, let me know if you want some funds allocated to this purpose.

Those of us who have Battlelog access from BF3 can access the MohW subsite, just click the tab at top left.

AFAIK Zyphex and Mac are the only other guys vaguely interested in this at this time.

Ive been getting some info from game review sites that they have not received review copies because of some breaking bugs in the shipped disks. Hence the Day 1 uber-patch, and lack of reviews.

Ill report back for sure.


Metacritic: At this time ZERO critic reviews.


i might get it


I’ve heard some bad things about the game already, I probably will pass.


Limited offer for BF3 premium members. 50% off!

Grab your offer code and wait until the reviews come out if needed.

Offer is bound to your Origin country so make sure u dont have a sus. profile.


Interesting, I found another site that offered a 70% discount. This looks really promising.

Edit: Lies

On a more serious note, I will wait until the major bugs are patched before going any further.



Love it. Dead tree patch notes and pizza.

Also. 102 minutes.