Moh mp beta


Pretty average review scores

PC Gamer 75%
Giant Bomb 3/5
IGN 6/10
Gaming Nexus B-
VideoGamer 7/10
Gaming Target 9.1/10
GameTrailers 8.1/10
Edge 7/10
Eurogamer 8/10
GamesRadar 7/10
Joystiq 4/5
Game Informer 7/10
GameSpy 3/5 6/10

Read the bit-tech one, which was particularly scathing of the SP component, but surprisingly said the multiplayer wasn’t too bad.


the Sp is way short like 5 hours, and the MP is ok, its the best MOH since allied assault but its no cod killer


Still worth a purchase at the right price…:wink2:


mmmm, unless people start playing the multi a lot i’m gonna give this a miss. SP looks like a joke.

From dude at OCAU.

I have:

  • It is on the hardest difficulty.
  • I have a kitted out M4.
  • I have a kitted out shotgun.
  • I have a pistol.
  • My pistol has unlimited ammunition.
  • I have grenades.
  • I have team mates.
  • I have health regen.
  • I have Night vision.

The enemy AI has:

  • The disadvantage of being coded into a game in 2010.
  • The ability to make teenage boys get boners because ‘dey so good at dis shit’.






challenge, put it on ultra hard and use pistol only (unless your FORCED to use something else)


yer that would make it worth buying…:blink:

MOH has always been a fun but second rate game…

Black ops will revive some of the COD excitement but i reckon bc2 will still remain top dog for squad games. Its position at the top depends on mods…ie fuking off the sniper shotguns and new maps and mods like Vietnam

and of course we all believe in the myth of BF3…which right now seems as likley as seen a fuking UFO or Elvis.


well its true, juts no one knows ANYTHING about it