Moh mp beta


what my settings file looks like


bloom on low makes a huuuuuuuuuuuuge improvement, i can see properly now, also i tried FOV on 80 and 90, at 90 its way to far back and part of the arm is missing, default is 55 so 70 looks nice. And DXversion is on auto, i set mine to 11, depends on what OS/GPU u got


Add me: Khromium


yeah go into the config and set bloom too low like cabby has shown, game looks much better, takes the permanent ‘haze’ off the screen and i can actually see people.

best score so far is 29-22 on defence in the snowy map.


Yeah big difference with settings changed n1 cabby…So besides the snow map been a total bottleneck like john said the games not too bad at all…Most likely will try and source from ebay for the right price.:wink2:


mmm, i like. Also if you haven’t already, if the game feels sluggish it could well be the default mouse sensitivity. I upped mine and combined with these changes it feels a hell of a lot better.


i was 17-3 and 14-2 last night, found a few sneaky spots…Ill never Tell!!

In saying that, you can shove the game up ya clacker.

I wouldnt buy it.

Black ops looks better well at least the customisation part and thats due out in a few weeks


nah i probs wont get this game, sniper play is way too easy/frusterating went 40-3.

blatant map imbalance from what i have seen, game promotes camping or ‘being cautious’

tbh i couldnt care how close the devs came to recreating a realistic experience because it isnt fun for me after a few hours.

didnt really wanna get cod as the more i see of it the more noob it seems but looks like ill give it a go


Yeh this ain’t sitting right for a comp game. A lotta people are puttin faith in Black Ops, which confuses me since they’ve screwed the pooch since cod4, and most of the vids have just made me cringe at how consoley it is. Still, good to see some people have hope :sweat:


i might just isohunt it for the SP :stuck_out_tongue:


Fkn consoles…end of conversation:mad2:.


lmao, well said.

At times like these, I really wish I was a bigger fan of RTS games as they will always be a PC preferred title (until Sony/M$ realise that it wouldn’t be hard to implement a keyboard and mouse on a console, along with web browsers which some consoles already have, which ultimately could support word processors through cloud computing [google docs for example], which ultimately will kill the gaming PC once and for all).

Personally, if it comes to that, I’ll dedicate my life to developing viruses to brick consoles, haha.


i’m with nip on developing console viruses.

and RTS and MMOs are the true PC giants (and PROPER RPGs like DAO and The Witcher) its virtually impossible to play them with a crappy mousepad, they just never work and i have people tell me that CnC3 and SupCom work but i think its BS.


id love to play the SP game Cabby so yer…post any iso you find! :slight_smile:


when its released <.<


found on kotaku



What it says is valid though, haha.


lol Pathetic EA


Hey guys if anyone comes across a cheap copy on ebay etc post a link…Cheers:wink2:


if you find it for under $5 let me know, I think its worth that much


When the game is released, you will be able to buy it for $30 off eBay from the Indian store. There hasn’t been a single big title that they’ve missed yet.