Mafia II (Full Version)


Now that I have a feel for the real game, I’ll give my thoughts on it.

If you have never played the first mafia game, you will still like this, the story so far is great and it throws in some good twists that you don’t see coming. If you are a fan of the first mafia game, you are going to love this one.

The visuals are fantastic, despite it being a dx9 game. The start of the game is in winter, so the city is covered in snow and it looks convincing. The cars slide like crazy, you leave footprints in the snow behind you, it just looks great. Night time is even better, the street lights just give the game a different atmosphere. Basically, it’s improved big time from the first game, and it’s one of the better looking games out today. I’ll also point out that the city feels alive, the people who have said otherwise are being ignorant, they just have to stop and look around. Turn physx on high, and you get a very realistic looking effects that vary from the way your clothes move, shrapnel off everything you shoot, to tyre smoke that flows like the real thing.

Control wise, it feels like the first mafia, good but nothing to brag about. It does the job. Fans of the first game will feel right at home.

The story started off slow and honestly worse than the first game. The first game set the standard as to how video game stories should be written. The start of the 2nd game lacked originality and sort of felt disappointing. I was a bit worried at that point, luckily the game really picks up later (remembering that I’ve only played 2 hrs so far), it has moments that go beyond what were in the original mafia story. It may yet surpass the first game’s plot, but that’s a pretty hard task.

Some review sites have been complaining that the game makes you do things that are unnecessary, like driving home of a night to go to sleep. They, being hard headed morons, have completely missed the point of the game which is to immerse you into the story, having to drive to every mission, going home, buying fuel, all adds to the experience. Plus, it’s exactly the same system that the first Mafia used to tell its story and those same people were singing its praises back in 2002. Hypocrites.

Everyone who likes open world games with a very strong story element will get a kick out of Mafia 2.


What’s the one thing that can make a great game even better…

That’s right, HOTRODS!


holy crap thats awesome


Finished the game after a measly 12 hours. I’m not real happy considering how long I’ve been waiting for this game.

The story ended in a way that leaves it open for a 3rd. Actually, if they don’t make a 3rd, then this will be the worst ending I’ve ever seen since the finale of the Sopranos.

My final comments then.

The Good:
The game plays great, looks great and is a lot of fun.

The Bad:
My biggest gripe is with the story. It starts off average, then picks up and shows a lot of promise. It then stagnates for a bit before getting to the point where it starts to feel like the original game, the suspense is great. It builds up over the last few missions and then it ends on an anticlimax.

I’m happy that I’ve finally been able to play the game but I’m also disappointed that it was so short. Most of the game feels like you are still building up to doing big missions, yet even the main, big missions in the game end up feeling short.

I’ve never had such mixed emotions about anything before.


i’m enjoying it, wish it had bikes and can u get rods anywhere else in the game? i want one for myself bad


finished, probably around the same amount of time, ending was extremely poor form, but apart from that really its a great game. gotta give mafia a go now


For a singleplayer game to be only 12hrs long is pretty piss pour but is all too often these days with games…

                                                     [B]Proud  Take Two Says Mafia II Had a Great Start[/B]

Seems they are happy with its performance despite mixed reviews. I hope this doesn’t mean that they’ll get even lazier for the third game, they need to realise that a huge number of people who bought this game did so based on the reputation of the first ( just like every COD customer that has bought every game after MW hoping for a true sequel).

The game plays fine, they just need to recapture the tone that the first game had. To put it another way, if they remade the first game with the second game’s engine (with the cops, inventory system, garage system of the first game), then it would be the world’s greatest game, haha.


Mafia II DLC Coming On 7 September

I will definitely be purchasing anything that can lengthen the experience of this game, it may yet recover some of its street cred.


Those of you that have finished the first game but are bitterly disappointed about having no free ride (or free ride extreme) can at least thank the modders who have created the mode themselves.

I haven’t tried it myself yet, there’s talk of 2K releasing their own free ride DLC (Possibly as a part of the DLC linked in the post above), so I am holding off till then.







LMAO. Goddamn age of DLC :yucky:


i miss the days of the expansion


Could have got this for 56 bucks on ebay for ps3 today…was about to get it and bid the extra $ bt figured based on Nips review and the fact the wife would ban me playing this near the kids of course…wouldn’t be worth t. i will get it but when its around $30

saw Rugby League Live has been released though for ps3…shitty game really but when it hits 50 ill snap it up


Still a great game but devastatingly short. If you never played the first game, you won’t be expecting as much from the game as I was.

The DLC came out last night, I’m going to download it as soon as I’m finished setting up my PC after the format.


Just started playing the Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC.

First thoughts.

Feels like Free Ride out of the first game which is awesome, they just put objectives on the map and you can choose when to do them (GTA style). There are mean to be something like 30 additional missions which will give this game the push it needs. You score points for shooting enemies, speeding, drifting etc. Similar to how you earnt money by speeding/shooting gangsters in the free ride mode in the first game.

There is a opening cutscene, but for the rest of the missions I’ve played, there are no cinematics at all, it’s just about the mission. That’s not too bad in a way as it keeps this separate to the main story.

There are now 30 vacant spots in the garage rather than 10 which is a GODSEND.

There is a new car upgrade, supercharging (sweeeeet) which you can see through the hood.

I can’t help but think that all of these things should of just been built into the game when it was released, but for ~12USD, I’m not going to argue over it for too long. The other thing that sucks is that you are not Vito, but Jimmy, a character that is even less memorable. Ah well.


They know I’m the shit when they see my ride.


rofl, pimpin nip :shades: