hey OE people, its great to see you guys are still around after all these years! :yahoo:,
me and my mate made this squad back in the BHD days playing in the DFNCL.


I havn’t seen you in ages.

You still play games?


hey i do now after a few years of not playing anything, just playingblack opps


its been a while chiller, i was in FMJ back in those days


long Live BHD and DFNCL…

I still remember the very last match on the last Map on DFNCL, right before the screenshot got taken of us all on the roof I got kicked for language…lol

Think of getting into BF3 Chiller? Gonna be epic…


Nah never got bf3 chilli how was that game? I just recently got bf4 and loving it (destroying noobs like I alwaysdo - big bully lol)

You guys still active?