Goty 2010


Ok gents whats been your favorite games of 2010

1: Bc2 330+hrs and counting awesome game
2: Fallout New Vegas early days but good game…
3: Stalker Call of pripyat always luved the stalker series…

Small mentions for Moh solid multiplay…LFD2 most laughs and crazy co-op fun…:wink2:


Yeh I’d rambled on here.

  1. Mass Effect 2. I’m a sucker for being made the epic hero with lasers and space ships!
  2. Splinter Cell Conviction. Sad to see stealth gameplay abandoned, but great game nonetheless.
  3. Halo Reach. See reasoning from No. 1.

Honourable mentions to BC2 for destrucible environments (but team reliance and the OP medic class make me rage) and CoDBlops for being much of what MW2 should have been (ironing out some bugs and some better SnD map designs were needed for a top spot).


well, i cant comment, cause for the first time since owning a pc, the only game i bought this year was BC2 :ermm:

i normally spend bout a $1000 a year. lol

BC2 it is :tongue2:


Mass Effect 2
Bad Company 2
Starcraft 2

all are bloody brilliant

though its been a great year with a good cod and fallout new vegas out this year as well.


Settlers 7 (Under-rated game)
F1 2010
BC2 (could have been much better if EA didn’t f*ck it up by trying to fix someone that was perfect)

  1. Mass Effect 2
  2. F1 2010
  3. ???


Bad Company 2, Nuf said.

Special mention to Minecraft, no retail build out yet so dunno if it qualifies, but its a fun little timewaster.


LoL wins. Black Ops second. Antique roadshow 3rd!


My GOTY 2010 - Overclocking.

Second place ( slowly heading for a tie though) - Modding.

Third Place - BC2


bc2 for me




Damn straight.



Bf3. :blink: