Farming Simulator 2011


I aint joking, there is a Farming Simulator 2011 selling for 24.99 on steam… I think that is hilarious


so much want … lolz


That looks awesome, haha.

I’m a sim junkie, I play the usual types regularly (plane/car) but I’ve also put a bit of time into train/truck/boat sims. This is the weirdest one I have seen yet, practically a sure thing for me to try, haha.


I tried the theme park/roller coaster one but it was just too much hassle. All I wanted to do was build a friggen big roller coaster…no I had to start from the gound up.

Not enough toilets, not enough places to eat…winge fukin winge…


You know theres a way to fix that Chilli… pick the guests up and throw them in the water, they might be screaming for help for 3-5 seconds but after that… nothing


Cannot beat the original:


ill bet 99% of ppl that play this game just make crop circles for the lulz and that is all


So random, one of the screenies has a tractor parked in a cul-de-sac. When has that EVER happened? (ftr - we have no random bitumen cul-de-sac’s on our farm)

Would be intruiged to buy it if for no other reason than to see how “sim-like” it is!


Shut up! Don’t ruin my farming fantasy! (Clearly I’d love just playing with all the toys and never get around to doing any actual farming…)


This is awkward, so far most of you guys would like to play this game… here i was thinking this would be one of the worst games ever created (well after the COD series of course :tongue2:)




I’ve wanted to drive large farm machinery for as long as I could remember (actually I’ve basically wanted to drive anything that can be driven for as long as I can remember). It’s not the farming aspect that appeals to me in the game, it’s being able to drive the tractors/combine harvesters etc.

Closest I’ve come to it is driving a backhoe, got to dig some big ass holes too, haha. Still doesn’t come close to some of the monsters that farmers get to use. I want to have a play with those massive dump trucks that Mac gets to work on too, preferably running over other cars, lol.

Don’t worry, the worst sim in the world has already been made (if you can even call it a sim). If you guess “The Sims” then you are correct. The only good aspect of the game is the house building part. The rest of the game is an utter waste of time, I have lost much faith in mankind for enjoying it. It is only second to reality TV in terms of things in this world that can make you grow dumber by the minute.


I got to drive a monster truck once, doing just that. It was a very nice feeling.


Haha, I bet it was.


Might I present exhibit A for the defence?



Truer words do not exist.


Toys is about the right word too, they’re all Deutz machines on the game by the looks of it, deutz ffs!!!

Sure JD or Case would have paid more…

Although it might explain why the tractor is randomly parked in a cul-de-sac…

Srsly think i might buy it though


lol, never heard of deutz tbh. Obviously not big sellers here then.

It’s clearly a garage queen, that’s why it’s parked on the tarmac. Farmer must have his work tractor and his going-to-town tractor.

One of my mates bought the game before this post went up. Logged about 9 hours on it, said it’s good but I don’t know if he was being sarcastic. I’m still buying.


Yer Far Crap…a game about driving and occasionally shooting someone…if you cant find the fuker who will sell you a gun…FAIL


I think you mean “shooting the same guards over and over and over and over and over and over”