f1 2010


Buy it…

To be sensible now.

The game tries to make you feel like you are really an upcoming driver. You start the game in a press conference, seeing through the eyes of your player, it’s here that you announce your name, team etc…

From there you are introduced to your agent, engineer etc. I hadn’t even seen an F1 car yet and I was excited. When I did jump in the car, I can safely say that it is a very nice game. It looks fantastic for starters, the cars feel great. Not brutally hard to drive like they would be in real life, but challenging enough, you won’t care as you will be having too much fun, the sounds of the car gets your heart pumping too.

After you finish events, you may be asked to talk to the press, you can choose to be arrogant/neutral/friendly etc. Just does a fantastic job immersing you in the world.

The G25 feels great with the game, you can tell when your tyres are at optimum pressure, the feel of the wheel changes. You also have your engineer in your ear telling you to shortshift when the engine gets warm etc.

There would be plenty that I’m missing as I’ve only spent 10 minutes on the track.


Sweet, India here I come I reckon :laugh:


Definitely worth $30. One of the few games this year that I’d not regret shelling out full price for.


can someone send me the link for this indian pc store that i keep hearing about?


i have the game aswell and cant praise it enough!!!




I’ve used both of those, usually have to allow a good fortnight for shipping, for $30 a game, I can’t really complain. Think I’ve bought a good 7 - 8 games from them now, including BC2.


Bought! Yeh I’ve bought half a dozen games from em, not a single drama to report. They’re the sole reason I rarely don the eyepatch for games these days :shades:


lmao, I concur.


tried the demo, definitely arcade rather than proper sim. Its the first F1 game in ages I have actually just enjoyed racing


Once you up the driver difficulty and take driver aids off, you will spend a lot of time spinning the car trying to find a tenth of a second to take pole position. No way is it a true sim, but it’s challenging.

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a racing game this much. The career mode is phenomenal.


mine is installing now


i’ll get it at some point


anyone found a …ahem.:ermm:…backup version yet?




i’ve had a backup since like launch :rolleyes2:


Goddamn it, arrive faster india!


Don’t worry wazza, we are the truly dedicated.


Backing it up it tonight


maybe if the online works with backups mass OE F1 race imo


:shades:…Gentlemen…Start you engines!

Bags not being Webber…I wonder if Greg Norman rang him, cause he know what its like to choke more than any other sportsman.