Dirt 3


Hey guys just recieved dirt 3 from the uk and after installing i’ve had MAJOR fkn windows FKN live issues with not connecting to profile and live is not available in your region shit and i’m gonna fkn explode…

Been through some forums etc and with my copy of dirt 2(Steam version) i also had issues with live but you could create a offline account and autosave would work etc…but with dirt 3 this doesn’t happen no saved games without been logged into fkn Games for Windows fkn BS…Feeling slightly better now that i’ve vented and hopefully will find a solution to the problem soon…If anyone finds some info i’ll be graetly thankful…

Hey colector how u get your copy working or is it the free type of copy?..


I hope I don’t have to put up with this when I get my copy. Maybe Windows live has some region lock thing now? Probably sick of everyone buying games cheap outside of the country in which they live.

I’ll keep an eye out, seems like you’re not the only one who has this problem with Dirt 3 after a quick look.


Yeah cheers nip read heaps off forums with same issue…I’ve got a d/loaded copy which I just installed on my son’s computer which worked fine…so looks like i’ll be doing the same on mine for the time been until its fix…:wink2:


Just to piss me off even more while trying to get it working i’ve deleted all my profiles and lost all my saved games for dirt 2 aaarrrhhh…:mad2: Dirt 3 hopefully makes up for it…


Mines a free one ATM. have a genuine copy coming monday. There is a lot to be said for Razor1911. Fuck Windows live its always a hassle just like steam.


Just installed it tonight and I was lucky not to have any problems.

I have no idea why you are getting region problems considering my copy is from India. All I can think of is that your GFWL account is set to another country for some reason.

Or maybe you got a copy of the game before it was released in Australia (not sure if UK got it before us)? If that was the case, I’d just try to install it again now.


mine wont install, just hangs or comes up with error. pissin me off. Bought it from ozgameshop, delivered from UK and made in india :mad2:


Do you have any details of the error?


all good i got it too work :smiley: