Darksiders 2


I’m a huuuuge fan of the first one, great combat, puzzles and story. And you got to play as one of the four horseman XD

2nd one is looking epic as well




That looks cool, why am I only hearing about it now that there’s a sequel???


what? lol go buy it its an epic game, mark hamill is one of the main voice actors in it XD.

Its basically a gritty darker version of zelda


Just watched the trailer for the first game, looks awesome. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before now.

Definitely going to get it. Should be fairly cheap now too.


$20 on steam, so freaking worth it


Yeah, gonna grab that. Already have a 360 controller (and a freaking gay logitech PS2 style one, yuck).

Just want to get through Witcher 2 first, otherwise I’ll never finish it.


buy it, but don’t install til u finished TW2


Witcher 2 shouldn’t be put in the same sentence as darksiders cause it insults the greatness of a classic pc game compaired to console meh…just my 2 cents


TW2 is a great PC RPG, Darksiders is a fantastic adventure platformer. Love both


Yeah, TW2 is blowing my mind atm, it looks friggin’ amazing.

Darksiders kind of reminds me of God of War which I’m a fan of despite not owning a PS3 (only PSP, GoW was the only game worth buying for it). The 4 horseman thing is a great thing to base a game around, I’m looking forward to sinking some hours into it, but after TW2. Really wish I played the first Witcher game now.