Crysis 2


i’m skeptical, the first 2 were fun cos of the SP, i tried crysis wars but found it lacking quite alot. Also i reckon the MP won’t be as good as they claim, sure COD has unlocks and perks, but that suit is designed to be OP in SP and giving it to everyone, well lets just say you gonna have alot of sleathy campy Jugga fags

give me Homefront and BF3 already


IF this game is, at the very least, as visually pleasing as Crysis, I will give the game consideration.


well the console shots I’ve seen haven’t been very impressive, but i’m holding off til the PC screenies start coming in to make a verdict on that.


i’ll wait til i see places like Guru3D doing benchies on it, also from early footage of the engine last year, consoles versions of the Cryengine 3 were roughly what cryengine 2 was on medium maybe a bit less on some things


Will wait for reviews etc also…don’t have to much hope for this game as all the demo’s/screenies are all from xbox which means it’s not gonna give too much to the pc version like the original’s which i luved playing…

Bring on bf3…:yes:


Multi demo comes out March 1

edit: hmmm… “Players will compete in six vs. six matches set against a war-torn Manhattan in two maps”. so small… :frowning: