Crysis 2


Extremely pessimistic about this game, especially since those previously considered at the pinnacle of PC gaming (graphics wise) had decided what they wanted was an xbox360 demo exclusive (thank you whingy ppl who got a PC demo in the works!). Still, I had fun with the (extremely limited) time I spent playing Crysis Wars, so i’m keeping an eye on it.


The most god awful promo vid I’ve watched in a while, but a little info burried in the wankiness of it all.


I must admit I’ve had fun with the demo. While I prefer more people in a game, the 2 maps are sized well, and the up side is there’s practically no nade spam (no doubt partly because you also have to switch to nade then throw it). I’ll prolly grab this if I can find it for less than 40 (c’mon india!). It’s very much pub gaming, and I think it’ll need a fair few maps in rotation or it could get stale rather quick.

I recorded some of my game last night. Nothin fancy and i’m sure there’s better vids on the toobs, but it should give a feel for the combat if you haven’t tested it out yourself.

(hopes that’s actually the vid since I can move around in youtube, just not see any vids >.>)

On low graphics without recording I avg ~75fps, medium 50-60, high ~30. The fact they don’t just call em low,med,high (instead gamer,advanced,hardcore) frustrates the PC elitist in me to no end (not to mention the fact that is the entire extent of graphic customisation). I’ve also added commands to the shortcut to give wider FOV and turned off (reduced?) bloom, motion blur and mouse smoothing. Makes it feel much more like a PC game.


Looks very nice from here John. How is it visually compared to Crysis/Warhead? Looks the goods on the little youtube vid.


It’s nice enough, much more vibrant than most current FPS. The environments are very static (something I wouldn’t have noted until BC2) and there isn’t the same wow factor as when Crysis came out, but it’s a pretty game nonetheless. Also seeing someone jump between rooftops or disappear to a shimmer is always awesome.

Probably my biggest gripe with the game is the sound. Considering both maps have 3+ levels in sections, trying to work out where sounds are coming from can be confusing. I could be wrong but I don’t think they modify the sound at all for whether or not they’re on the same level as you, so I’ve head what sounds like a gunshot right next to me, only to spin around and have an empty level. Haven’t really played much tho so don’t quote me on that.


agree with you there john. also i feel that rounds dont go for long enough, probably this is just for demo purposes though. im not really liking nanovision as it makes the game alot easier, just run around with it permanently turned on, which means i cant admire the graphics lol. maybe it needs to consume energy at a faster rate to be balanced.

otherwise, the skyline map is pretty cool, movement is better than some games, sometimes it seems a bit unresponsive as in pressing reload or swapping weapons and he just stands there.

I never played the first, only seen it played but i probs wont get this game


Yeh I only just found the nanovision last night, makes things ridiculously easier. I reckon you’re right, it should really burn through energy a lot faster so it becomes far more situational.



Rather than keep spammin the chatbox thought I’d throw some thoughts down here. So far I’m taking a rough guess i’m at least 3/4 through the SP and have an hour or two of MP under the belt. The short version - a somewhat average shooter but for $30 from India it’s a decent time waster and probably better than the last few CoDs, both MP and SP wise.

Gettin the bad outta the way:

  • the SP story is rubbish IMO. You start the game fighting humans. In C1 and Warhead, it made sense to fight the Koreans over the tech. But because we’re in NY they couldn’t use em again, so they put a PMC in there as the generic baddies. They’re fighting you because they think you’re Prophet, who’s got the alien virus, and they want the suit back. This continually irks me - why would you use a PMC rather than National Guard? But more importantly, the fact you AREN’T Prophet means a simple bit of communication would instantly clear up the mess, thus resolving 50% of the game conflict. The silent protagonist can work (see Half life) but not when half the games problems could be erradicated by opening your trap just once. But hey, it still makes more sense to me than MW2.

-Playing on the hardest difficulty is still generally quite easy (mainly due to the suit’s stealth). However some of the big boss fights feel more like annoyances rather than challenges. When fighting a giant mech I’ll sneak around behind it to launch some missiles at it, only for it to immediately swing round almost instantaneously and melt my face off. The fact sprinting is linked entirely into suit energy levels also means you can only walk away in fear when this happens.

  • semi infinite enemy spawns. When enemies call in reinforcements if your stealth tactics fail, you can expect a bit more challenge pushin through. But when you’ve cleared an area, walked around a corner, and when you turn around a dude has popped outta nowhere and shot your head off… urghhhhh. And since the game uses a checkpoint system which doesn’t save very regularly this drove me nuts at the start. After a while you adapt and expect this tho.

So they aren’t great points but rest assured, when the game does get it right, it can be great fun. While it is very linear and not as multi-layered as the pre-release press purported, the larger combat arenas do give enough area to move around that I think you could play the SP a couple of times with enough variation to keep it fresh. Consolisation has meant when you reach these areas you have the option of pulling up a tactical help which points out the bloody obvious things like which way is good for stealth, where is a flanking point, etc. When you start ignoring the voices suggestion of using this help and just find your own way through, it’s infinitely more interesting.

I’d also dare say this is the reverse of C1 in regards to combat fun. Previously I’d enjoyed taking on the Koreans and then found the aliens a slog. This time however I’ve found the new humanoid aliens much more fun than the CELL drongos, partly due to their propensity to use the environment a lot better (they tend to jump around and shift positions on you regularly).

Graphics wise while it ain’t a system buckling behemoth like C1, it is definitely a pretty game. Aside from the odd texture here for the corpse physics fail there, the scenes are well set out and the vibrancy is a nice change from the recent CoD games. I found the user-created graphics mod an absolute necessity, partly to tweak performance to my satisfaction, but also to remove blur. Holy crap, they’ve thrown that around like crazy and it is absolutely nauseating.

Multiplayer is a lot like the SP, in that when it’s working its a lot of fun, but it has it’s annoyances. Fortunately for the most part I put this squarely on rampant hacking. You can have a decent amount of time without em, but every session I’ve had so far (prolly turned it on 4-5 times) has had me quit eventually due to a hacker joining the server. Here’s hoping they make a fix that actually works, otherwise the MP life will be short. Other than that, there’s a healthy range of maps and they bumped PC up to 8v8, which works nicely (although Skyline is prolly a little cramped). Most maps have multiple levels which is a joy for mixing it up. Balance is solid, and I’m not raging if someone manages to stealth up behind me, because I realise it generally takes a little skill to do. The fact you’ve gotta break cover to collect tags and thus killstreaks is a genius move, as it really cuts down on the number of campers (or at least their kill streak rewards). The thermal vision doesn’t seem as useful as it did in the demo either, and I don’t see that many kill cams with it in use. It’s by no means a hardcore comp, but it is fun pub play to have a crack at every now and then.

If you couldn’t be bothered reading that ramble:

  • generally fun SP campaign, let down by sometimes shoddy AI and awful story
  • semi-infinite enemy spawns linked with very separated checkpoints lead to rage
  • while I’d like to be able to run without having to care about the suit power, the streamlined powers aren’t necessarily a bad move.
  • aliens are actually fun to fight this time.
  • Fun pub MP currently marred by hackers.

If I had to throw a number at it, prolly a 7/10. If ya got some time to burn, it’s worth picking up :D.

edit: wow, that was waaaay longer than I meant it to be :P.


Nice post john i’d agree with most of your commments i’d give it 8/10 and still waiting on my hard copy for some multiplay action… Luv the colour and vibrance of the game…All settings maxed @ 2560/1440 its a sexy looking game…So considering its a port too those fkn lame ass button bashing auto aiming piles of shit consoles that have fucked this game from been a masterpeice i’m happy…(sorta):wink2:


rofl mac. FYI if you wanna play the multi, all you do is set a CD-Key that uses numbers and letters in the same place as a proper one, and that’s it. In order to fix the hacking thy’ll need to tie this up as well, otherwise there’s zero fear of being banned.

So basically take this code:HKG6-JPEF-K66P-5KSL-56DG and replace a letter and number and you’re good to go.

The custom graphics tool is here (now gone from the chatbox).

The MP also has several bugs. If it says your key is in use or it hasn’t remembered it, do this.

Also I’ve had my rank reset multiple times after a session, where I’d played in one server then quit after I was done. What seems to be needed is to join another server after your match, and then it saves properly when you quit that :ermm:.


Sorry to interject here but … quite a few vaL people play Crysis 2 so if you’re ever interested in playing with some nub cakes, jump on our ts :stuck_out_tongue:

Address: :4214


LMAO! I missed this before, best line in the whole review.

I’ll be buying this from India soon enough.


heheh, it is frustrating. You had a similar problem in HL2, except it was even more weird since it was your flashlight battery! Unlike Crysis 2 however which has gone backwards, the HL2 eps separated the 2 functions. I must admit I’ve subconsciously stolen that line from the Concerned comic.

As an important note, Crysis released patch 1.2 a few days ago. They’ve implemented some anti-cheat methods, but I can’t tell how effective they are because they also stamped out the use of fake CD-keys, which is probably the most important part. I’ll let you know about the frequency of hackers when my copy arrives.

Also good to hear Nic Nic! I’ll more than likely pop in some time soon :yes:


lmfao at that picture. Makes you think about some things that are in games, where you go, imagine if that was the case in real like LOL

I personally wish I could strafe jump IRL :stuck_out_tongue:


This game definitely isn’t as visually impressive as C1 but it’s still damn nice. Runs silky smooth on one card, let alone two. I guess that’s one benefit of the game being a port, I’m never going to have to upgrade my cards until the next gen console comes out…


That’s the 2nd time I’ve heard someone bring up the sprinting being linked to the suit’s power level. Hilarious review. Funny how great minds think alike, hey John…


LOL. Too right Nip :shades:


DX11 patch and HD textures finally out (I think)

I still stand by this game (with the caveat that paying $30 helps a lot). The patches really ironed out my gripes with the MP and I had a ball… when I could play.

Sadly this game just wasn’t picked up by the player base in Australia (too busy with Nuketown 24/7 -.-), and this problem was massively exacerbated by the god awful lobby system (even tho we have dedi servers this system is almost definitely a direct port from the consoles). It required a min number of players before it would start a match. Given the auto join feature generally gets you into US servers with 400+ ping, this meant you either had to wait for a spot to open up in the single AU server populated (and no queue system makes this as bad as it sounds) or sit in a lobby of an empty server and pray enough ppl have the patience to sit their with you til a game starts. I’ve got a suspicion the player counts didn’t always update in the browser to tell you which servers had players waiting, sooo essentially you’re screwed from the start.

If you manage get a server rocking with 4 ppl, the other spots fill up within a matter of minutes. As such, I put the blame squarely on the browser for C2’s early demise (at least for me, I gave up trying months ago) rather than the simple lack of players (which is what Shattered Horizon suffers from).


Can’t say I’ve ever played this in MP.


Too little too late i enjoyed the mp and sp but as you said john no bloody aussie servers and playing with a 350+ ping kinder sux…I’ll d/load the patch and see how the singleplayer goes with dx11…