Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Anyone else getting this?

Its got ranked servers and a facelift and includes a whole lot of new maps* and remakes.

[]De_Dust (Modified)
]De_Dust 2 (Modified)
[]De_Inferno (Modified)
]De_Aztec (Modified)
[]Cs_Office (Modified)
]De_Nuke (Modified)
[]Cs_Italy (Modified)
]Baggage (New)
[]Shoots (New)
]Shorttrain (New)
[]Bank (New)
]Lake (New)
[]Safehouse (New)
]Sugarcane (New)
[*]St. Marc (New)


Never really played cs but i’m sure it’s worth a look and it’s nice and cheap…:wink2:


like you Mac


I like stun guns.


Grabbed the beta for a spin - certainly looks good ( over the old) but just the player mechanics frustrate me - you would think they could incorporate some of the new tech since 1997 - like run and the swaying with it :laugh:

EDIT : I will add though - it still is fun to smash around with guys on … rounds are quick and games tick over … once of the things ive enjoyed about CS over the journey.


I think its a great improvement. Keep it simple stupid, it will will surely be a winner. Played for couple hours last night.