Just seen this gameplay vid from PAX10 … looks pretty cool … destructable environment but not the same as bc2 … more refined and power orientated the way you break stuff down … supposed to be ~$15US when released mid year apparently … MP only 8v8 .

There must be some real 60watters there … as they apparently cant hear hin say what engine it uses … 10 times.


I reckon ill be keepin an eye out for more info


Breach will officially launch on Jan 26th. Costing $20US … bargain imo.

23 Weapons.


12 “Real life Spy Gadgets”

Motion sensor ala BC2 is only known one

4-5 Maps looks like.

4 Different game types


-Convoy: One team drives and defends the other deploys and ambushes

-Retrieval: Capture the Item

-Team Deathmatch.

16 player limit.

Im getting it … fuckin need something to play along side bc2 other than that kid shit from treyarch.


i should have a new job by then so yeah 'll be looking into it


Sold i’ll be getting it…:wink2:


You drive a hard bargain but you win, i’ll get it


Im sold on it


is it Steam based? Where are you getting it from?


answered my own question


Will wait for a few reviews to see how the 3rd person view works when hiding behind objects etc…


Yeh definitely looks interesting but I’m giving it a little time first :yes:


Have a close look, I thought, gees the models look like CS, then looked down to see it was developed by Valve. There isnt much Valve have done that havent been popular.

Its the new CS, and if they keep adding maps, potential skins etc i think this could become very popular. Doesnt mean it will be the best game, just means all ex currect CSS players will jump on it


Looks good.:wink2:


It looks sick! Sign me up!


FPS with 3rd person cover??? gay

lol, they say they’re after realism, yet switching from 1st person to 3rd person totally ruins it, still looks like alot of fun


Yeah, 3rd person ruins it a bit, but a bit of a change isn’t bad, and the destructible surroundings looks amazing, toppling a building on top of someone, that’s EPIC!


lol that looks freakin cooool.


mmm…worth a look


yeh looks ok