Black Ops eat your heart out


Sorry lads, but I highly doubt I’ll be buying BO when this thing will surely blow it, and all other upcoming games, out of the water.

Antiques Roadshow - The Video Game

edit: there’s a demo!


lol … i think ill have to upgrade to tri sli and hexacore to make sure i can keep good fps for it.

/unistalls all games in preparation of the awesomeness


hahaha awesome, top thing to buy now, sorry to all other highly anticipated games, byebye diablo 3, Brink, Homefront, Crysis 2… you will now be delegated to collect dust on shop shelves and bit dust in servers. I shall spend the rest of my days doing i don’t know what in this already classic game… pun intended.:yes::laugh:




omg thats epic, installing beta now


hahahaha i was getting worried until i read the game you were talking about


Why do you do this too me. First Farm Simulator 2011 blew my mind, now that I have only just managed to regather my thoughts, you go and smash them into a million tiny pieces.

Haha, nah. Somehow I think I will be able to resist this temptation…