Battlefield 4 Megathread



Yay. Pls pls pls don’t fuck this one up.

I’m looking at you MoH


This guy means srs bsns.

And a clip of some teaser video


I think I’ll go to that! Books flight


Come back March 27 / For a first look at gameplay.

Unlock the Battlefield 4 art / The more fans who log in / The more we’ll reveal

-> View source, here we go so far:

Looks like BF3 to me. No, wait. They’re transformers!

If you login to this page you get a dogtag for BF3.


Battlefield 4 is gonna have tanks! No way!











Pre-orders of deluxe edition get beta access.


BF4 marketing strategy: incorporate bugs and glitches into bf3 and give everyone lag because everyone loves lag so people rage at the game and bring out this new improved version that is almost exactly the same…



Yeah boii

  • Commander mode (also controllable via iPad)
  • SIX man squads
  • Megadestruction. Collapsible skyscrapers.



But will have enough money for BF4 after I buy an XBone and Project Spark?


XBOn[e/ing]. All the times.


All of us BF3 Premium members get the beta on Oct 1st:

Beta for upcoming game launching October 1 for Battlefield 4 PC Digital Deluxe preorders, Battlefield 3 Premium members, and MOH: Warfighter owners; open to all October 4.

Ill be buying BF4, and taking a break from DOTA II. Who else is going to play the beta? or purchase the game regardless/depending on beta quality?


Yeah same date that GTA Online goes live.


You can preload the beta now. It goes live on Oct 1st


Yo. BF4 guiz.


i’ll buy it sometime in the next few days :yes: