No idea, just downloading it now’…the demo that is






nanananana batman, nanananana batman, batman, batman, BATMAN!

That’s all I know…


Got my legit copy yesterday. Mainly for Patty to see, but if anyone is interested I got it from this guy

Was $27 + $8 aud shipping. Game brand spanking new, just like you’d find in Aussie stores, cd-key works online :D. If ya don’t mind waiting a bit less than 2 weeks, there ain’t much point in buying from retail stores when you can save a freakin fortune on ebay.


OMG, thanks john. Will have a look later

Hoping either one of FM10 or Fifa10 are sold their.


Damn, saved seller.


Just starting playing it good game.:yes:


I’m running it with the first level of physx on. Basically gets clouds of mist/steam are generated in the corridors and they flow around you when you walk through it, very funky and fits in perfectly. 2nd level (the real PC raper) throws in more banners and stuff I believe.

Tempted to throw the 9600GT back in to boost the fps. Gonna throw fraps on to check frame rates, I’ve sometimes noticed a little lag but overall seems decent (with 4xAA too :D)


I just got this John, I’ll see what sort of frames I can pull. I’ll be pissed if my cards are already showing signs of weakness.


Installing now, I’m feeling a song coming on.



First impressions are good, game looks epic. I mean it really looks cool, the graphics are superb and the character models are great, especially the joker.

Only thing that is wrong with it for me is it is not utilising SLI (of course) and I didn’t realise that there was already a patch out. Hopefully it will enable SLI for me, otherwise I’ll be doing it myself. Still on the first level, I get minimum of 60 FPS with detail maxed out, which is impressive considering the way the game looks. I think this patch has something to do with physx also, did you install this patch yet John?


Good looking game but its no (crysis) just a very good looking directx 9 game running on unreal 3 tech but very cool imo…:yes:


That’s true, nothing is up to the same standard as crysis graphically.

I installed the patch and turned physx on, looks “ok” imo. The smog effects are cool and the spider webs that break/move when you walk into them is a nice touch but it’s not something that would make me go out and buy an nvidia card if I didn’t already have one.

Hopefully there is a better use of it through the game that I haven’t seen yet but honestly it doesn’t utilise it much better than what Mirror’s Edge did (from what I’ve seen so far) and I currently have the physx maxed out, doesn’t really take a toll if you have a second card in your system, because SLI still sure as hell isn’t working.


rofl nip. Yeh by no means is physx hugely adding anything to the game, could easily play without. But I rate the smoke effects much higher than mirrors edge in that it’s not just flags waving about somewhere on screen. Plus mirrors edge lagged like crazy if I attempted to use it, and that was when i still had the 2nd card in the system.

Haven’t grabbed em yet, latest nvidia drivers give a little bump to performance.

Gonna play the game stock standard for now, but ppl are already skinning the manbat. Can’t open at work but think i’ve grabbed the right link

edit: here’s a second link I know works. Some definitely look better than others O.o


Haha, you never watched that ME video with physx effects on/off did you. Guru3d I think used to put it in their reviews when talking about physx. I’ll admit had I of never watched it, I wouldn’t of spotted anything that it enabled other than the waving flags. There were other things like plastic sheets you could tear (much like the spider webs in batman) and the glass smashing effects were greatly improved.

OMG, I’ve been waiting forever (like 3 weeks, lol) for this new driver to come out, thanks for the heads up.

Haha, So I can have batman running around in Adam West attire?


Here’s some skins for you that you should be able to see.


so true to the original, lol.


Nah too much muscle, and not enough dancing :laugh:


haha, the old tv series was such a joke.


holy toledo batman! :laugh:


Hey John, got the new driver running, hasn’t done a lot for me. It is using both cards but one is dedicated to physx which is overkill, SLI still isn’t being utilised but the drivers worked wonders for other games like Shift. Something tells me the next lot of drivers will fix Batman up to were it should be for me.



Downloading it now. :yes:

Apparently you cant get past about 37% on the cracked games but the new crack fixes that