Aliens vs Predator


Well not sure if you guys have heard the game has been banned which sux as it was looking sweet…

Quote from developer

The content of AVP is based on some of the most innovative and iconic horror movies, and as such we wanted to create a title that was true to the source material. It is for adults, and it is bloody and frightening, that was our intent. We will not be releasing a sanitized or cut down version for territories where adults are not considered by their governments to be able to make their own entertainment choices."
Aliens vs. Predator is due to arrive elsewhere in the world this February for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. For more on the game, check out [COLOR=#ffff00]GameSpot’s previous coverage[/COLOR].


That’s pretty lame, Australia is backwards when it comes to games. It’s no worse than the movies (Alien, Predator, AvP) or even the previous AvP games.



hope you get my idea


Looking good imo…


haha nice vid, and also looks like it has been approved for classification, after being refused for being too violent, under MA15+ with the reason
“The violence is fantastical in nature and justified by the context of the game, set in a futuristic science-fiction world, inhabited by aliens and predators”

also worth a look


a multiplayer demo has been released on steam for this game


I tried the demo out for a bit, seems fun! Always loved the first couple of AvP games. Predators slaughtered me as a marine.


ofcourse they did, cos predators rock! :yes:


Had a play today looks good but got ass whipped as well…:tongue2: