5 Reasons you all need to get DayZ

  1. You ride the party bus

  2. You can ride a bike and get people killed

  3. Its approved by Hitler

  4. Choppers are OP

  5. Zombies zombies and mooooore zombies


I approve and support this message in full. Well worth the $20 it costs for game behind the mod (For $30 Arma II:CO makes it easier, plus has more awesome content, but Arma II Free + ArmaII:OA works since all thats used from Arma II is the map).

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver][COLOR=DimGray][COLOR=SlateGray][COLOR=DimGray][COLOR=Gray][COLOR=Black]this is in no way an attempt to get easy bean cans…[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]


Hrrm. I feel like you are trying to sell me something.


Saw a review of it, looks good but very frustrating.


the most frustrating thing in the game is people who ALT-F4 when they know they’re gonna die to another player. Zombies i can live with



totally professional, i’m the one with the smallest backpack